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Basic Information

What is rec.games.roguelike.nethack?
rec.games.roguelike.nethack is a USENET newsgroup devoted to discussions about NetHack. Spoilers, advice, and tales of triumph are good topics for discussion.
What is USENET?
USENET is the world-wide system of newsgroups for the discussion of just about any topic imaginable. Like NetHack, it's older than "the web". One of many places to look for more details is Usenet Software: History and Sources† - but you don't need to dig into it to use it.

But these days a visit to your nearest search site to look for "usenet service provider" is probably of more help.
Or for a quick taste, jump into rec.games.roguelike.nethack at Google.

Are there any other groups relevant to NetHack?
How do I get access to USENET through my ISP?
Obviously it depends on your ISP and your newsreader (which may be a standalone program, a site you visit with your web browser, or you may use the newsreader built into your web browser). Check your ISP's web site or documentation and look for "USENET", "newsgroups", "news", or "nntp".
How else can I get access to USENET?
Many private and public servers or access points are available either for free or for a fee. Check your school or business, ask your friends, or do a search. Or try one of the services listed here (disclaimer: I don't use these, NetHack is not associated with them, and their presence on this list is not an endorsement of their services):
What software do I need?
There are many, many newsreaders available. Most web browsers, including Netscape, Mozilla, and Internet Explorer (using Outlook Express) have newsreaders built in. In addition, some standalone newsreaders include:
Does the DevTeam read rec.games.roguelike.nethack?
Sometimes, but don't depend on it. If you want to report a bug or make sure we're aware of something, use our contact page.
Why should I read rec.games.roguelike.nethack?
There's no better place to discuss NetHack with players from around the world.

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