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If you have any questions or concerns about our policies, please contact us via email at devteam@nethack.org.

  1. Website
    The following applies to the nethack.org website:
    This website (and any others we control) do not collect any personally identifiable information unless you explicitly send it to us via email or our contact form, or you implicitly send it to us via your browser or email system (these systems generally expose your IP address and some information about your computer and/or username).

    We do not sell any data. We do not use web tracking technologies or advertising services.

    We use various hosting providers (e.g. AWS, GitHub) and we have no control over them. Please see their policies.

    If you contact us, your email, email generated from the contact form, or email generated from a GitHub action may be made available to members of the NetHack Development Team or associated subgroups. (To prevent your email address and/or name from being exposed, we recommend using a separate account; there are many providers of free email accounts.)

    As we update the website, this policy may change. If we change this policy, we will update this page and the modification date below:

    This policy was last modified 10/27/2019.

  2. Microsoft Store
    The following privacy policy applies to binaries downloaded from the Microsoft Store:
    This Privacy Policy explains our policy regarding the collection of personally identifiable information by the NetHack Beta application as provided by the Windows Store.

    As we update the application, this policy may change. If we decide to change this policy, we will update this page and update the Privacy Policy modification date below.

    The application does not collect nor provide to us any personally identifiable information.

    This policy was last modified 10/27/2019.

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