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Newsgroups: rec.arts.sf.written
Subject: Re: Chrichton's anti-SF (was Re: John Ordover's SF Rules (LONG) (was:   something else about John
From: Phil Fraering <pgf@globalreach.net>
Date: 10 May 2000 21:57:37 -0500
Message-ID: <874s85equ6.fsf@globalreach.net>

"Matthew W. Dicksion" <kenichi@haleakala.aloha.net> writes:
> ZippoNiner <zippo.niner@robotron.org> wrote:
> : On Wed, 10 May 2000 11:01:23 -0400, "Rick" <rikwriter@mindspring.com>
> : wrote:
> :>Sorry Keith, but how much space did it take a T Rex to reach that top speed
> :>again?  You did say it was going to spring out from cover right?
> : Yes...why are you assuming it's going to spring out from cover from a
> : long distance away?  
> Well, if the T-Rex gets the drop on you you could be armed with fricking
> Stormbringer and Mjollnir and it still wouldn't matter, would it?

For that situation, I'd recommend a cloak of displacement and the
Tsurugi of Muramasa, or the Vorpal Blade, and a lot of luck.

Mjollnir might be helpful... anyone know if the T-Rex is shock
resistant? And if you have gauntlets of power, you can throw it
at him...

Neat trick: if you have on a pair of levitation boots at the
time, and gauntlets of power, and Mjollnir, you can throw Mjollnir
at him, get propelled backwards a couple squares, do about 6d6 
worth of electrical damage, and catch it on the rebound, getting
propelled backwards even more.

(Naturally, this trick is tailored for Valkyries).

Maybe I should check it out in Wizard Mode:

What's a good substitute for a T Rex... maybe a Chromatic Dragon?

Hmm. Thank goodness that was Wizard Mode, I've been killed 15 times
already, and I don't seem to be denting it. And it teleports.
Maybe there are better weapons than Mjollnir. (I guess it didn't
help that I was going about it with a 1st level character that
wasn't skilled in anything).

I just wished for Vorpal Blade, and the instakill kicked in, first

So, if you're jumped by a T Rex, or anything else for that matter,
the Tsurugi, or Vorpal Blade, is probably your weapon of choice,
depending on alignment.

If you're chaotic, you're out of luck, unless you have some hell-p.
Stormbringer's probably just too slow, although I'd like to see the
look on the T Rex's face when he found out just what Stormbringer
was doing... One of these days I'm going to have to do some coding
of my own, and implement Changeling, which should handle a T Rex;
heck, it should handle Godzilla.

> :>Oh, and you DID know that a 50BMG would penetrate the whole length
> :> of a T rex from head to asshole, didn't you?
> : You seem to have this childish attitude towards how effective a gun
> : really is.  
> : Nobody's claiming that a shot-up T-Rex would wander off and get
> : better.  It WOULD DIE.  It just wouldn't die QUICKLY.

The Tsurugi's good at that sort of thing. Bisection attack.

Phil Fraering         "There's a vampire!"
pgf@globalreach.net                 "...In the parcel!"
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                                                             "...Hate Mail!"

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