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Known Prefixes


NetHack uses the prefix "NHDT" internally to identify specific information (such as versions and dates) produced by the NetHack Development Team. NetHack variants should use a different prefix. This page lists the prefixes we know about.

We encourage projects to register to prevent confusion. To register, send an email to devteam@nethack.org with the prefix you wish to register, contact information for the project (email or URL), and the project's name.

Prefix Project Name Project Contact
NHDT NetHack www.nethack.org
MINE (private development)
XXXX (reserved)
NHDE NetHack-De https://github.com/bhaak/nethack-de
UNNH UnNetHack https://github.com/unnethack/unnethack
ANH aNetHack https://github.com/Elronnd/aNetHack
SLEX Slash'EM Extended https://github.com/SLASHEM-Extended/SLASHEM-Extended
NZHK NetzHack

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