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NetHack 3.6.6 for Macromedia Flash

This version of NetHack is optimized for the following browsers (but it should run equally well on most other browsers):
† The NetHack Development Team thanks Apple for its support of this project in furtherance of their goal of continuing mobile Flash implementation at its historic level.
‡ Be sure to compile Lynx with Shockwave support for the best experience.

Hosted courtesy of alt.org.

NetHack is Copyright 1985-2020 by Stichting Mathematisch Centrum and M. Stephenson. See our license for details.
This site is Copyright 1999-2021 by Kenneth Lorber, Kensington, Maryland.


Macromedia Flash was a trademark of Macromedia, Inc. and last owned by ADOBE SYSTEMS INCORPORATED.
Shockwave is a trademark for (among other things) broadband radios, well drilling equipment, cooling tower parts, and safety equipment, but oddly enough is not a trademark of ADOBE SYSTEMS INCORPORATED.
Netscape Navigator was a trademark of Netscape Communications Corporation, and is now owned by OATH INC.
Internet Explorer was a trademark of SyNet, and is now owned by Microsoft.
Lynx is an open source text web browser (emphasis theirs) available at https://lynx.invisible-island.net
Safari is not a trademark of Apple, Inc.
Microsoft is a really big company.
Apple is also a really big company.
OATH INC. is a not-so-big company formed by putting some big companies together.  See also Bistromathics.
Trademark is a noun, except when it's a verb.