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Download the Source

  • Step 1: download.

    Click on the below to start the download system. Depending on your browser you may need to right-click so that the file is saved to disk and not displayed. Problems? Check our list of additional mirrors .

    nethack-330.tgz   (2.8M bytes)   
    NetHack 3.3.0 source release.


  • Step 2: unpack.

    NetHack is shipped in a single archive created with tar and then shrunk with gzip. To unpack under Unix, the following commands should be executed in an empty directory:
    	gzcat nethack-330.tgz > nethack-3.3.0.tar
    	tar xf nethack-3.3.0.tar
    The gzip package (containing gzip, gunzip, and gzcat) may be obtained from the Free Software Foundation. A version of tar is also available from the same site.
  • Step 3: build.

    See the file README in the top level directory unpacked in Step 2 for build instructions for the various operating systems.

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